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December 31, 2018  •  10 Comments

Just as we were gifted an extended and lovely autumn, winter has come with intensity, making its presence known in our high mesa country lives following the solstice.  As I sit across from the computer screen, typing, another wave of moisture is entering the state.  Here are some surprises nature left this week.

The frost Saturday morning was applied in the largest variety of shapes and construction I have ever seen.  These large feathers clinging to a wisteria vine were delicate but extremely strong.

leaf and frostleaf and frost


Icicles hanging from every available upright were complicated as well.   The first image shows the full icicle, while the second and third include details of the top and bottom of the ice.

ice close up 1ice close up 1

ice close up 2ice close up 2

ice close up 3ice close up 3

And life would simply not be the same without evidence of animals as they make their way through the snow.  The mouse tracks below were crisp and clear as if applied with a very acute paintbrush.

mouse tracksmouse tracks


My hope for 2019 is that each of you is able to practice or enjoy art and life, and that only good prevails on Planet Earth!

until next Monday,


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Beautiful way to honor the New Year - the first crystal clear visions of 2019.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Simply exquisite Daryl! They are my favorite abstracts! I am mesmerized!
Wishing you and Fred the very best for the coming year! Happy 2019 and looking forward to more of your beautiful images!
lawrence T. Jones(non-registered)
Truly glorious images. Daryl, we wish you and Fred a Happy & Prosperous 2019,
Steve Immel(non-registered)
These are my favorite winter abstracts so far, Daryl. Must have been minus 20 when you captured these beauties. Love the way the ice wraps itself around the wisteria add forms icey leaves. Did you notice that the crystal clear ice and vine in images 2 and 3 look like a bird and its beak? Happy New Year to you and Fred.
Andrea Szekeres(non-registered)
These are so beautifully intricate Daryl. Your images are the perfect balm for entering the new year.
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