design magic in ice

December 13, 2021  •  3 Comments

Instructions:  Take one six gallon bucket, the likes of which can be found at a hardware store.  Fill with water.  Leave overnight when the low temperature is 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below.  In the morning, drain any remaining water out of the bucket and empty the resulting ice on the ground.  Result:  design magic.  

We would not necessarily have discovered this last week, except for a normal procedure we do when showering.  To conserve water, we fill a bucket with water before the water actually coming out of the shower head is warm enough so I don't scream when I get in.  After showering, we take the bucket outside and let it sit overnight to eliminate the chlorine, making it better for plants.  Conditions were perfect for still life photography.  It really could not have been much better.

Still life details abound here and I suspect there are many more waiting to be discovered.  The scallop at the center base is fascinating.  An atmsopheric scientist could probably explain why it happened, but to me, it was one of the many design points in the ice container.  Additional light was provided by the on-camera flash. 


The thinner part of the ice in the upper right hand corner and the tiny fissure leading to the fingers below it create a natural abstract.


The outside of the ice bowl in this shot had cracks that looked like lightning strikes.


The image below holds all sorts of things that occurred as the water froze during the cold night, including frozen bubbles, ice fingers, and granules.


May this week before the winter solstice provide you with many weird and wonderful things to ponder and photograph.  Thanks to Elida, Barbara, Dianne, Wayne, Jean & Sam, Terry T., Lisa, Marilyn, Charlie K. G., and Pauli for commenting on last week's blog. 

until next Monday,


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Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
As always, your blog is a pleasure to read and find out where you are pointing your camera each week. I love your discoveries of visual delights close to home and for keeping it weird!
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
So neat. I love ice pictures. I spent many a winter day with frost and ice picture taking.
Water and cold, what a combination.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Abstract expressionism courtesy of Mother Nature and a nudge from your able hands. I'm looking at shards of glass, lead crystal, and an icy glass of vodka, perhaps. You are the thinking photographer's photographer, Daryl. You always seem to find a fresh take on the world around you, especially the intimate world at your fingertips.

Your shower ritual shows your keen awareness of the natural world and the effect we have on it. Your and Fred's caring lifestyle is one that the rest of us should learn from and emulate. Much to learn from Los Blacks.
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