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May 03, 2021  •  2 Comments

Whether I am formally asked to serve as wedding photographer or volunteer, or simply be a guest at a wedding or event, my cameras are always with me. Have Camera, Will Travel sort of thing.  It is what I do, and I try to do it as professionally, efficiently, and unobtrusively as possible.  Saturday was such a day at the wedding of friends at the Leaping Deer Ranch near Sapello, north and west of Las Vegas, New Mexico.  It was a beautiful day - no rain or snow, and little wind.  

To say I did not expect to see a kilted man at this particular wedding, with accompanying regalia, was an understatement, and it was a wonderful thing to photograph.  He happened to be the father of the bride.  Here is a detail of his outfit.


The bride is very fond of butterflies.  It makes sense that they were flying on her veil.

The groom looked fetching in his fedora.


The temperature was warm enough for tattooed arms exposed to the breeze.


The delicate clay-colored chairs seemed a fitting place for the bride's bouquet.

May this first week in May be filled with hope for great things to come - here and around the world.  Happy Birthday to Robin J, Larry L., Louise W., Tomas M., Ann M., Char D., and Katy D.  Happy Anniversary to Ingrid and Robert, Lena and Sam, and Karen and Bob. 

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
I'm glad to see you photographed a spring wedding. I know much you love doing them and how skilled you are at a very difficult job. Like Wayne I was taken by the muted colors. I couldn't help noticing that you carefully avoided faces. That seems like a challenge. Was that a function of the bride and groom's desires or a creative call?

The tight shots were very effective and told the wedding story beautifully. The still life of the wedding bouquet is stellar, a super composition.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Nice pics. Sort of colored sepia. I like the effect.
Remember how in many of the old westerns movies they used an 86b filter to get the hot looking desert tone.
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