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June 13, 2021  •  11 Comments

This week has been pleasantly full of photography - nature and still life in the form of Navajo-Churro wool rug details - and website work.  You will notice the change in the blog layout immediately.  I am not quite finished and hope that today's blog will be readable.  

Fred is preparing his work for the Selvedge Magazine World Fair, which will be online in early September.  His rugs are primarily rectangular and not square, so the requirement that all photographs be square presents a challenge but also gets those creative juices flowing.  Photographer Steve Immel and his wife, Peggy, who is an extraordinary painter, know this full well, given their current show at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos titled Immel².  Two people and work in square formats.  So this blog contains only photographs formatted as squares, mostly details, but a few examples of what can be done with rectangular rugs to make a square photograph.

First the two long rugs hung on the rug rack Fred designed and constructed for the Fall Fiber Arts Fiesta in Santa Fe.  

Rug 346

Rug 347...

...along with a detail of it

Rug 344...

...with its companion detail

Rug 349 detail


In process, Rug 351, a rug the size of which would also serve as a saddle blanket

Below is another detail, complete with spirit line.  In Navajo tradition, the spirit line - ch'ihonit'i - allows the spirit of the weaver to exit the design from inside the borders.


Thanks to Barbara, Wayne, Jean and Sam, Steve, Catherine, Terry, and Ingrid for your feedback this week.  With luck, by next Monday, I will have my website reorganized and ready for viewing. 

until next Monday,


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It must have been like putting a square peg into a round hole. Beautifully executed!
Elida Hanson-Finelli(non-registered)
Beautiful images Daryl and stunning weavings Fred!
I know selvedge magazine from by sewing and designing past! Bravo for both of you.
I am enjoying your new website and inspired since mine is due for an upgrade! You never cease to inspire! Square is a whole different vision. One with great impact...
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You've made good use of the square format for these details of Fred's rugs, Daryl. It's a bit of a challenge isn't it? At least I found it so. And thanks for mentioning Peggy's and my efforts in squares We felt that the square made us take a closer look at the subject and that the results were more intimate. It really called attention to the design of each piece. I'm taken by the detail of rug 349 which is offset and the last image for the same reason.

Congratulations to Fred foe being included in Selvedge Magazine's online World Fair. It's a well deserved honor.

Your new website format is very contemporary. I like it a lot.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
I like your new layout.
Nice pics of Fred's great rugs.
I know it's not easy to get the same quality, color and warmth with digital as it was with film photography.
The rugs are brilliant....and the man can dance also.!!
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