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June 28, 2021  •  6 Comments

Now that the baby crow which attracted so much attention in the neighborhood last week is out and about and flying quite nicely, the focus is on open mouths in the cholla cactus.  A pair of curve billed thrashers have a nest full of very hungry chicks, awaiting their next meal.  We'll start with one of the parents, keeping the chick tucked in and warm on an overcast and chilly summer morning.

Then you begin to see feathers wiggle and the chicks moving.  There is a young one under the warmth of breast feathers.

From the position of the parent in the photograph below, I suspect there is another chick somewhere in the pile being fed.


It is becoming active in the nest, and as the other parent flies over, mouths open.  A lot of motion is apparent in this shot as well as the one below it.

Shall I label these two "Mine"?

A brief moment of quasi-peace between feedings

Wonderful comments came this week from Barbara, Carolyn, Barbara D., Ronnie, Dave, TTT, Charleen, Christina, Steve, Wayne, and Karla.  Thanks so much.  Wherever you are this week, may nature provide good surprises in your lives!

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You captured a beautiful little family so well. We also have Thrashers in Cholla, but I have not seen them up close. Thank you Daryl for these uplifting photos.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
The curve billed thrashers, adult and chick, are absolutely precious. You've told a touching and timeless story beautifully. It's a loving tale of parental instincts and the dependence of the young that crosses all species. Thanks.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Really nice pics of your Thrashers. I'm jealous.
I love to watch our Thrashers thrash about and run so fast around our backyard. .
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
Great photos of the Curve billed Thrasher. I've always had a bunch of them in the chollas around out place. Jennifer isn't always thrilled with them because they sometimes dig up the garden and flower area. I can never get good pic of them in the nest because the nest is usually in deep and all I get are cholla stem pics.
Paule Marx(non-registered)
Love these pictures - thank you!
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