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Much fanfare and fireworks are given to the 4th of July or Independence Day in the United States of America.  Since they came during one of the dangerously high points of the pandemic, last year's celebrations were more subdued.  This year, the country is back open for business and people made and are still making the most of it.  It sounded like all out war here with firecrackers and Roman candles and cherry bombs being detonated seemingly simultaneously.  A celebration of a sense of independence, even if fleeting.

Some years ago, I did an entire shoot of fireworks in Taos with my Nikon D80.  Caught at a relatively slow speed without the use of a tripod, the images display a wild and wonderful array of results.  Truly abstract and chaotic but also highly structured.  The two images below are good examples of that.  


I always thought the light turquoise-colored display in the image below looked like a palm tree.


The simplicity of the electric cobalt blue, with off-white accents, shows the pure design that goes into the development of fireworks.

The cobalt blue element is repeated in a mass of other displays, looking more like sea anemones than fireworks, which is what makes them all the more fascinating.

My thanks to Lisa, Paule, TP Lue, Barbara, Wayne, M. Fred, Jean and Sam, Ingrid, and Steve for your comments this week, and for participating in the world of art in your own ways.

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"You lit up my day". Great pics
Dianne James(non-registered)
Awesome photos!!! Love the new look of the blog. You are chock-full of talent, as is Fred. Night shots can be tricky, but you captured them beautifully.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
These are amazing, Daryl. It's hard to believe they're hand held. I can't pick a favorite since they're all great. Image two is possibly the most abstract and looks composited or like a double exposure. The turquoise blast does look like a palm tree. And they do look like sea anemones or jelly fish. A wonderful series, indeed.

We hope you had picture book Fourth of July.

Steve and Peggy
Ronnie Lasky(non-registered)
Excellent capture of some very fleeting moments.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Really great pics of the fireworks.
I know how hard it is to get good pics of them.
I never got ones I liked very much.
Yours are excellent.
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