curve billed thrasher update

July 19, 2021  •  5 Comments

Nature presented yet another stellar opportunity to photograph this week in two of my favorite styles - nature and still life.  Both, actually.

One of the most perfect packages, although delicate, is an egg.  Anyone who has ever cooked knows how delicate the simple, beautiful egg is.  But the shells protect the contents.  And they are ideal photographic subjects.  First, chicken eggs, directly from the grocery store.  By placing them in a glass vase, and shooting with a shallow depth of field, elements of the vase are rendered in abstract.

Eggs as a subject are the entree for an update on the neighborhood curve billed thrashers.  They are at it again.  A second clutch is on its way. Mama is ever diligent in her work and was quite reluctant to let me see the eggs. That orange/golden eye follows everything. 

I had walked by the nest once and saw the eggs.  Naturally, when I returned with my camera, she was having nothing of it.  But after a couple of tries, she left the nest and I was able to grab this image.  These eggs are works of art.

Given my relative lack of height, I returned to the house and brought out a chair on which to stand.  Again, poor Mama had to exit the nest.  But standing on the chair, I was able to photograph all the eggs.  I realized anew why cholla cacti carry the name "jumping cholla".  Elements of the cactus, including the spines seem to jump and attach themselves to anything close enough.  My hands and arms carried quite a few spines, along with the camera lens and strap.  They are nature's original velcro, and fortunately, easy enough to remove.

All sorts of celebrations are happening this month, including the birthdays of Clyde, Sam D., E. J., Marcie M., Dave O., Victoria, Jim W., Gail G., Jennifer W., Kay C., and Steve R., along with the anniversaries of Dalice and Andy, and TTT and Ben.  I hope all of you have wonderful ways to remember the special days!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
The first thing you notice is the incredible speckled blue of the thrasher eggs. Talk about a natural wonder. I love the way you used soft focus fore an aft in the images of the eggs in the nest.. That's really effective. You are absolutely right that the egg is a perfect form. It had not bad angles and the roundness and shadows create volume and depth. This is a wonderful series, Daryl.

I'm tardy because we got back from Bozeman late last night. Thanks for you comments on my disjointed post.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Wow, what great color and such a good looking nest.
Guess Fred saw that good weaving there in the nest.
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
That's pretty exciting! I had to climb a step ladder to take pics of the eggs of one of the several curve billed thrashers around our property. I don't know if the eggs have hatched yet, it was tough getting a peak of the eggs.... haha!

Love your photos!
TP Lue(non-registered)
What an adventure you had to get these amazing photos! I love that you had to go and get your camera, I have always imagined that it is always around your neck, then back again to get a chair, something I can definitely relate to. Miss you guys.
What an exquisite color those eggs are. So glad you got to capture that.
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