riparian mystery

October 31, 2022  •  7 Comments

The human body is comprised largely of water.  Depending on body fat and fitness, our bodies house between 60-75% water.  It is no wonder that most, if not all humans, have an attraction to, if not physical and emotional need, to be near water and feel its afterglow.  

Santa Fe actually does have a river running through it, albeit diminutive much of the time, and being neither broad nor wide, it is not always visible because of the trees that line it.  Those trees, including willow and cottonwood, provide habitat for myriad species of birds and other creatures, and cool shade during the spring, summer, and fall.  The tangles of trees and riparian species creates almost a fantasy landscape - light and ethereal with a touch of mystery.  Being Halloween, I felt El Parque del Rio or the river park that flows linearly through Santa Fe, would be a bewitching blog for today.  The photographs I made using my Nikon D800 with 70-200 mm lens, harken back to early oil paintings of the American West.

The image below puts one into the river's dreamscape.

Thanks to Julie, Barbara F. R., Robert, TTT, Jean & Sam, Veronica, Anne O., Char, Steve, Luella, Z, Dianne J., Paule, and Ann A. for your comments this week.  Happy Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos.

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You got some magic shots of my favorite “parque” in Santa Fe.
Quite mysterious views!
Dianne James(non-registered)
I agree with Steve, too. It looks like a painting of the Hudson River School era, and very painterly. I would love to see it framed and hanging in a gallery.
Dianne James(non-registered)
Oh, my! Daryl, Peggy nailed it! It does look like one of the masters painted that scene! Can you imagine if that was a large print hanging in a magnificently tooled frame hanging on your living room wall!!! You truly have a gift, Daryl. Takes my breath away. Thank you for letting us see the beauty that you see and feel. You are a gifted gal. Well done good and faithful photographer. I wish I was so gifted, and recognized a scene the way you envision it. :) Sigh..............
I love it! You really did on of my favorite Santa Fe nooks justice! Thanks
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Painterly and mysterious to be sure. "The tangles of trees and riparian species creates almost a fantasy landscape - light and ethereal with a touch of mystery." That's beautifully said. The images remind me of the Hudson River School paintings of the mid-19th century. Because the scenes are so shady, they feel like more Northeastern than Southwestern. I'm transported to New York or New England. A canopy of trees is a magical and serene thing of beauty. And the panorama is special. A lovely grouping, indeed.
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