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November 21, 2022  •  7 Comments

In the days of yore, those ancient times when I was growing up in Albuquerque, the food we savored on a day-to-day basis was seasonal.  Since our state has never been the agricultural powerhouse that California was and is, the fresh food we consumed was dictated by items, truth be told, that were able to survive the shipping process.  Now called non-perishable veggies - cabbage, root crops, celebrity, and iceberg lettuce and the like - were staples.  In the case of fruit, storage was a factor, so although apples, oranges, and for some odd reason bananas were available all winter, we would only begin to see strawberries in the supermarkets around Easter, when the crop was coming in from California.  And you couldn't get a decent tomato until the hot midwest summer months.  You had to wait until August for local corn from the north valley in Albuquerque, and it was a joyful experience to eat, lathered with butter, salt, and pepper.  Since freezers were dinky things inside a refrigerator, if you did own a stand-alone freezer, (many on farms and ranches already did) your family was special.  Some in New Mexico roasted and then dried green chile, along with red chile hung in ristras, but freezers weren't commonplace, I am guessing until the 1960s.  It was then that green chile could be roasted and frozen for later use, along with berries, corn, peas, and other vegetables.  All of this background is wrapped in my reaction to food in American stores in 2022. I never cease to be amazed at the availability and variety of fresh food in any given grocery store on any given day.  Abundance hardly covers it.  We are extremely lucky and very grateful.  With Thanksgiving approaching on Thursday and the groaning board of food that will be on many tables, I thought some food photography might be appropriate.

corn images-2corn images-2

Victoria's applesVictoria's apples

New World order 2New World order 2


50th anniversary gathering tapas 150th anniversary gathering tapas 1

Lush greens like these were grown in home gardens, in-season.



Harvest set up 2Harvest set up 2

fingerling potatoesfingerling potatoes

turkey and dressingturkey and dressingKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Happy Thanksgiving!  

I am thankful for Victoria, Melissa, Char, Pauli, Steve, Catherine, Donna K., Robert, Dianne, Fred, and Ingrid, and all of you for following this blog and keeping in touch throughout the year.  

until next Monday,


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Charlie Kalogros-Chattan(non-registered)
Happy, happy T-Day! So much to be thankful for!
Makes me think how lucky we are!
Happy Thanksgiving Daryl and Fred. We are thankful for you both and thankful for your faithful Blog, Daryl
as others have already said, these are lovely and luscious images!
ANN ALEXANDER(non-registered)
My favorite photos so far. The corn reminds me of a baby in bunting. How alive and beautiful and fresh these all are! Makes me want to plant a vegetable garden.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You've outdone yourself this Thanksgiving week. All of these are thoughtfully composed. The pears in the nichos are stellar. Wonderful corn and corn silk, outstanding design concept of the grape tomatoes and dried chiles on the black plate on one of Fred's rugs, and the turkey is roasted to perfection. Man am I hungry!

You are a master of the still life, Daryl

Have a luscious Thanksgiving you two.
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