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February 27, 2023  •  7 Comments

When I started blogging in 2010, which seems a lifetime ago, one of my purposes was, basically, to show a week in a photographer's life.  As I have written here many times, artist, sculptor, and photographer Sam Taylor once told me that "if you consider yourself an artist, you have to do your art every day."  I take that to heart and do just that.  Being a photographer and writer, the breadth of what can be done in a single day is substantial.  I do both.  This week, there has been much to document in my journal (in a burgeoning "Pages" file on the computer), as I also continued last week's curating process of New Mexico photographs for publication.  Thus, today's blog is an encore presentation of some of the photographs I have selected.  

In the image below, a healthy thunderstorm is developing over the western part of Taos County.  If you look closely in the bottom third of the photograph, there appears to be a black line.  That line or gash is actually the Rio Grande Gorge, concealing he 800 foot depth of the opening until one comes much closer. The photograph was taken from Highway 68.


Another broad landscape is produced by the lava flow and sandstone of which El Malpais National Monument between Grants and Gallup is comprised.

Malpais 1 2022Malpais 1 2022


One can find the flowers known as paintbrush in many New Mexico locations, but not all come complete with a well-aged deer antler.


The Brazos Cliffs south of Chama

Brazos Cliffs New Mexico 2021 2Brazos Cliffs New Mexico 2021 2


Native American corn


Ft. Union, in the northeastern side of the state, was once a crossroads for commerce, settlers moving west, and the military.


The boots below are a little fancy for the likes of Ft. Union, but they are a New Mexico tradition.


Buildings of religious significance - including Catholic churches and kivas - can be found in every town, village, and pueblo.  Here is a modern church in adobe style at sunset.

It was wonderful to hear from so many of you last week, including Christina, Marilyn, Lawrence, Ann M., Dianne J., Heather H., Steve, Catherine, Jean & Sam, Barbara F. R., Victoria, Brenda, Carol, and Ingrid.  ¡Muchas gracias!

until next week,


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[email protected](non-registered)
Simply outstanding! Thank you for these, Daryl!!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
I'm late today, Daryl. Life interfered. This is a marvelous grouping that covers our beloved New Mexico from wide to up close and personal. The gorge shot from US 68 is familiar to me, of course. It greets me every time I come out of the canyon. I always love your depictions of El Malpais, and this is a beauty of Brazos Cliffs from US 64. And you are the master of the still life. The black and white from Fort Union pairs well with the elaborate boots. Then you wound up with a doozy of a church at sunset.
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
Beautiful imagery!!
These views are stunning. Never saw anything like them during our brief visit - crossed the Gorge and didn't even realize it. So much more to your beautiful state than we had time to see. Keep practicing your art - we love it.
Brenda Morgan(non-registered)
I'm so homesick for New Mexico. Thanks for sending me those beautiful pics that have my heart a thumpin'.
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